I have a Roth IRA, a regular IRA and then a general investment account. In my general stock account how do I switch dividends from being reinvested to going into my cash account? I also wanted to know how to set up a trade where the following occurs: I have 25 shares of Combany ABC and it is currently $50.00 per share - I purchased it at $46.20. Now the stock has been trending downward and my 25 shares are now worth $43.00 per share. Is there something called a limit trade? I looked at the different options and there are like 6 or 7 choices. Please explain... At what point is it advisable to sell a stock that is trending downward.. Is it a percentage or is there some kind of formula?
BTM from NC



Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I cannot answer this, but one of our licensed professionals can!  Please give us a call so that an expert can walk you through your dividend questions. Thank you!

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