Stimulus what Date is this one and what year was that one.

I like the commett of the seditous lawmakers---but the usaa needs to in inspect and (re-read/(prof-read) the information that is put on the usaa website because some  it is so jumbled it reads as if some one is letting a kid read and or write the infomation (as the stimulus infomation ether should give a number and dates before each stimulus post or the one that really matters should have, that the New 2021 new- incoming lawmakers say that the package is going to be)). not the other stuff and I mint stuff scrambled as it is. and if some one wants to comment that they should be able to on a I want to comment page. but I do hope they read it is


@1235, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback with us. I will be happy to report specific feedback regarding any articles or information found on that you feel needs to be reviewed. Please respond and share details about the articles in question. In regards to the stimulus payments, if you have questions about payments you have or have not received we ask that you contact the IRS directly. You may also refer to this link for information: Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you. - Rhonda