Please allow me to be clear.  I am NOT complaining about how I've been treated.  Instead, I'm here to discuss how USAA may be treating others.  A few days ago, I used mobile deposit on my stimulus check.  Easy and it works well.  I was TOTALLY shocked that the funds where put on hold for 7 days.  This is a check from the U.S. Treasury Dept.  While I don't need the money right now, I'm am very concerned that USAA is putting a 7 day hold on a Gov't check on members who need the money right now.   I called with the only intent of informing USAA that this is wrong.  I didn't ask for my funds to be released.  They didn't appear to really care about my call and offered me an apology.  I told them not to apologize to me - I'm concerned about the members who desperately need the money right now.  All I got was "standard" answers, which in itself is wrong.  It is embarrasing to do business with a firm whose only explanation is that the system basically randomly chooses checks to put on hold.  As a side note, I recently sold a house and deposited a check for 6 figures.  Guess what... no hold.   Nope.  At least in my case, I don't need the $ right now.  What about the members who do need it to feed their family?  I'm a 39 year member and it is clear that USAA is not concerned about ALL of their member's needs.

Thank you.


Hello @Sfb1995, I understand the deposit hold can be frustrating. Per the USAA Depository Agreement, any deposits that are made into an account using Deposit@Home or Deposit@Mobile are subject to a hold. When using the Deposit@Mobile feature, there is a notice that advises you of a hold. We use holds to protect our members, it gives us time to confirm that the funds are collected. For future transactions, you can make deposits without a hold by using direct deposit. Assisting with your financial security goals is our association’s mission. We understand there may be instances because of the impacts of COVID-19 that members may find themselves facing financial difficulties. We encourage members who may be impacted to reach out to us to discuss how we might be of assistance. 


I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

Instead of complaining about a hold on the stimulus check, you should thank people like me who do not receive ANY  stimulus checks but get the privilege of paying for the stimulus checks.  Why should someone who just deposited a check for 6 figures receive a stimulus check?  Where is my stimulus check?

Well good for you! I bet you have all your hands and toes too!