It is now 4/21 and according to the IRS - "Get My Payment" status, the check was sent for deposit on April 15th. I am reaching out to see if others are experiencing the same issue. I was laid off a couple of weeks ago, but thanks to god have started a new job. Unfortunately I am in the period in which  I have to wait for my first paycheck..with that said...we are waiting on this assistance to get us through. Can someone share your expierence in the timing it is taking to receive your stimulus check when the date has been provided? I've contacted USAA and they cannot provide me with any status or reasoning behind why the IRS website would provide a certain date and why I have not received the check. Thank you 


Sorry that you're experiencing this issue. I've been dealing with a similar issue and maybe I can help.

Got a couple of questions that you must consider:

When is the last time you checked "Get My Payment"? Does it show the correct last of the direct deposit account? Is the account listeed a closed account at USAA?

Did you file a 2019 tax return? If not, did you file a 2018 tax return? Did you verify that actual account number and routing number on the return or the number provided to the IRS exactly matches (verify each digit)?

Did you use a tax preparer to file the 2019 and/or 2018 taxes. If so, did you received an Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) (i.e., advance or loan ) against the tax refund? Did you opt to pay for the tax preparer services and/or the RAL out of the 2019 and/or 2018 refunds.

Does anyone owe back child support (You. spouse, ex-spouse?

Did speak to a Senior Account Specialist (Supervisor) or only speak to a first line rep? Senior Account Specialist have expanded authority to access accounts beyond what the first line reps can see. For example, I was told one thing by the first line reps, but pressed for a supervior who looked further and revealed that the prior answers provided were incorrect.

Note: You don't have to publicly answer theses questions in this public forum; however, considering them may help determine what happened.

Thank you for the information! Actually, I checked the status this morning after I got off the call with the USAA rep who could not provide me with any information. I will however, reach out to a senior rep as you recommended. As far as tax filing, we filed our 2019 taxes through TaxACT (no loan) and should have received a refund but have yet to see that as well. I verified the account information was correct and it was. We received a letter yesterday noting our refund was used for back child support when he was unable to work but should still a remaining amount left and its my understanding, either way that the stimulus check should not have been taken if there was an outstanding balance. 


Again, I truly appreciate your advice, I'll have my spouse reach out to USAA and request a supervisor. 

The tax preparer situation and/or the child support situation may be areas to focus on. Also not sure, but "Injured Spouse" situation may apply here. Goggle Search " IRS Injured Spouses" or something similar).

As for the tax preparer situation, please see the following:

Best Wishes!!!

Thank you for sharing this article @Camster357. -Colleen

Hi. I'm sorry that you are struggling and I'll pray for you.

Reading your posts, I did a little research about back child support. I recommend you contact the agency/jurisdiction that managed the child support and ask for a current activitiy on the account. If there was back support, there may have also been court fees attached as a penalty for non payment (interest or processing fees). Once you have that information in hand, then you will have a better understanding of what monies were garnished from your stimulus check.

I hope that everything works out for you and your family. God Bless you.

Same problem, no check and my turbo tax refund was mailed, not a direct deposit.

Hey Dan O,

If your tax return was mailed to you, that means there was a problem with your bank account direct deposit. As such, your stimulus check would be mailed to you which means you will have to wait longer to receive it.

Suggestion, go into your turboTax account and validate your checking account information. Maybe even reach out to them to see why they mailed your refund and that will hopefully point you in the right direction for ensuring the IRS has your account informaton on file. 

Check out this link on the IRS.GOV website, hopefully this will help you out:



Hi, I have the same problem!  IRS claims stimulus was deposited on May 13.  First line rep said she can't see anything.  IRS has deposited tax refund into my account so I know they have the correct account details.  And, I don't owe any child support or anything like that.  I'll try to speak to a supervisor.  I'm really worried I won't get my stimulus check and never get any answers why.  I can't reach anyone at IRS.

Hello #3, I understand the importance of your stimulus refund. Did you confirm that last four number on the IRS site for the deposit do match your USAA account. Some members who had their taxes prepared by third parties had issues where the deposits were sent to a different account that belonged to the company that prepared your taxes. I will also forward your feedback regarding your concerns. -Colleen