Stimulus Check 😑 From Bad to Worst to Questionable

1) My stimulus check was sent to an account that was closed/charged off in August 2019. Ironically, the $39.12 was paid off on August 31, 2019, therefore, NO balance was owed on the closed account.

2) It was later determined that there was an additional balance on another (different) account for $287.00. I offered to pay it off immediately, but was advised to wait and allow the stimulus payment to satisfy the debt.
NOTE: The reps stated that my situation was uncharted territory and weren't sure how to properly address it or how it would play out. One suggested solution was that USAA would deposit the stimulus check into the paid off account, then transfer it into the other closed account, and finally mail the rest.

3) I called and/or chatted back daily, but each representative offered new and conflicting solutions.

4) On Feb 14, 2020, the Executive Resolutions Team (ERT) stated that the check was in a "Pending" deposit status. On Feb. 15, 2020, the deposit posted, and finally, on Feb 17, 2020, after 6 days of conflicting information, the check was rejected and returned back to the IRS.

5) On Feb 17, 2020, I was told by a USAA rep that there was policy change stating that USAA wouldn't reject stimulus checks scheduled for closed account deposits, nor would USAA use them to offset USAA account debts. USAA would cut a check and mail it to the recipient's address; however, they couldn't mail my stimulus check because it was rejected and sent back prior to the policy change πŸ€”. Therefore, I began the process of logging into IRS's "Get My Payment", to determine what's next.

6) On Feb 17, 2020, "Get My Payment" still showed that the stimulus check was sent to the closed account on April 15, 2020. buuuuuut you won't believe what it showed today (i e., Feb 18, 2020)!

7) The stimulus deposit that was originally sent to the closed and paid off account in 2019 is the SAME account that IRS RESCHEDULED the stimulus payment to be REDEPOSITED back into on APRIL 24, 2020😑😑😑😑!!!!! What in the world???!!!! So now I'm going to have to go through this fight and delay again? Really???

8) I contacted USAA today and was informed that when the check arrives, USAA will temporarily open the closed account, deposit the stimulus check, close the account, and then cut and expedite a USAA check to my address. I asked the representative "How long will this process take?". The representative stated that AFTER they receive the check, it will take 3 to 5 days to process it, and then 3 to 5 days to mail it out. I'm sure these are business days and considering USAA's staff reductions, it will morph into 2 to 3 weeks. This doesn't include the week already lost.

Why can't USAA temporarily change the deposit policy and transfer/deposit the funds into one of my active accounts? Consider this statement authorization to do it. A second option would be to cut down on processing and mailing times. I'm so frustrated!!!

NOTE: I'm sure that my experience (i.e., redeposited stimulus check into the same closed account) isn't an isolated incident, therefore, those of you in a similar situation may need to anticipate this challenge. In addition, for those suggesting that I change my banking information on "Get My Payment", the option isn't available for anyone that IRS processed and sent out stimulus payment through direct deposit. The idea is to eliminate fraud opportunities.

As for USAA, I still believe in and support them, but USAA dropped the ball on this. In addition, several representatives that I encountered were insensitive or blatantly rude! Not sure if the job pressure is getting to them, but at least they have a job compared to many who don't. This reason alone is enough for any USAA representative to show empathy; they are the face and first line defense of USAA!

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UPDATE: Stimulus check issue completely resolved today. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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@Camster357, thank you for taking the time to share your situation with us. I regret to hear you're being impacted financially and can understand your frustration with the different information you've received. We are working hard to make this right for our members. Your concerns are important to us and I will be happy to send your post for further review. Thank you. - Rhonda 


Thank you! Please forward up for review; there must be a better solution. I understand USAA's adherence to standard policy, but we're operating in nonstandard times. I've lost valuable time struggling to navigate through USAA's bureaucracy, and the end result, no stimulus payment.

As stated, I still believe in and support USAA; however, some, NOT ALL, USAA representstives convey that customers are an interuption rather than a important partner.


When should I expect communication from USAA to resolve my concerns? Some concerns are time sensitive. I strongly desire resolution PRIOR to April 24, 2020, rather than on April 24, 2020. If the time sensitive concerns aren't addressed PRIOR to April 24, 2020, then repeated delay will occur in addition to increased personal hardship. Please respond.
HI Rhonda or Any USAA Rep,

Any feedback regarding my concern. I just had a mediocre experience with a USAA chat rep and phone rep regarding the concern. Please respond.
UPDATE: Stimulus check issue completely resolved today. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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@Camster357, Thank you for providing the update on your stimulus check. I am glad to hear that this was resolved. -Colleen