Started with a secured card - then was denied further action to re-engage after account was frozen - OVER A YEAR AGO!

Over a year ago my AMEX secured card was frozen, I was on my way to max out the account to the $5K limit.  I am still receiving interest on the secure account.  After calling repeatedly to those that I could reach (as high as I could reach in admin.) I still have no answer to my wish to know what the real story is on the WHY?  I have been with USAA for 37 years so one would think that I could find an explaination from the higher ups on the REAL STORY!!!!!


Hi @FAC TEAM NAM, we can understand the frustration. I will engage an account specialist to review this matter further. We appreciate you  letting us know. 

What a canned cop-out response!?!? First we were told "We plan to re-launch the secured cards in 2019. The date has not yet been determined." THEN we were told the "first part of 2020"! NOW we're told a sme will look into it?!?!? USAA WTF!!!!! What a disservice to our service members! Re1launch this card now. Also please address what the fix will be to existing secured card holders about credit limit increases, graduation, and rewards NOW, you have had current holders in a frozen pattern for YEARS NOW ENOUGH ALREADY!!!