My One and only husband since 1987, was removed from all of my accounts, at some point in the past few years, without my consent or request. I was married before I entered the military back in 1987 and I am a retired 20 year Air Force veteran. Only one man I have been married too! So why has my husband been removed and why can't I get him added as 'joint' on all of my accounts? So USAA, what happens when someone that is married dies? Can the spouse access the funds? I am sure there are a lot of couples that would like an answer to this??

I guess I have been with USAA to long. Your service and products are nothing like they were. So sad, because I use to praises USAA but not anymore.


Evening @Lucy2020, I do show your concerns have been shared with the appropriate area. We appreciate your patience as they review. -Emily 

Well the good news is my spouse is on the check account, after an hour on the phone and a lecture from your representative! Your very friendly representative explained that with each account, my spouse must be added and then I was informed that it has never been the practice of. USAA to just have joint accounts on everything! I wonder.......was that young representative even born before 1990? How does she know......thanks USAA

Congratulations on your marriage & best wished for the future.

I had a reverse problem,  got divorced and remarried. usaa kept thinking my ex was my new wife and asked her security questions that were totally inappropriate. usaa could not understand the concept of divorce and getting married again/

My fix was to move all my financial assests out of usaa to another financial institute. Now I get real customer service I can trust, not usaa's passing it along.

Get you money out of usaa while you can. There are many, many financial institues that offer better customer service and a higher rate of return.

I normally say I am getting to old to just change everything, but recent events are making me give this some serious thought!