I have looked through the discussion about needing a split transactino feature and since 2014 or even before this feature has been requested my many and there is still no resolution.  I do not see how USAA can have such an extenstive Finanacial tool but be lacking in this Feature.  How can we accurately monitor and tracker our finances without this?  There are so many stores that have mutiple category options to buy, i.e., toilet paper, food, school supplies, clothes.. This is very frustrating and unacceptable. I do not even see where you guys have given any hint of completion to have this added.  Is this correct USAA? I'm working so hard on managing my money for my family and once again another Money management tool that has failed me. Please make this a priority ASAP!  


@McCallen10, I apologize for the frustration. At this time we do not have information regarding splitting transactions, but I will have this feedback submitted on your behalf. ~ Samantha

I agree that splitting transactions should be a development priority - should be an easy fix, right? Even Bank of America had this feature, which suggests to me it is probably an inexpensive solution to implement.

@jwalkergates, thank you for your feedback.  This is very important to us as we review thoughts and feedback from our members during reviews for updating our features and services.   If this should be an option in the future, we will let our members know on usaa.com.  Have a good morning.  ~JM

Absolutely! This MUST be a priority. 


With the option to include outside banking and investment accounts, USAA money manager would be a effective one-stop solution for budgeting and tracking spending, making Quicken, Mint.com or other tools unneccesary! But this is only true if you could split transactions. Without ability to split transactions into multiple categories, USAA Money Manager is Dead On Arrival. We've been waiting for years for "this feature to be added in the future." 

DocMartin - Thanks for the feedback. We consider all member comments when reviewing product and service enhancements. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation.- Jason

There are so many great products at USAA.  I'll echo that this is the only missing feature of your tools that takes me to other companies to meet by basic finiancial tracking/management needs. Can you please tell us if this is actually on the development schedule for the Money Manager product or still in the "good idea" or "maybe someday" pile? These types of features are consided, and if aproved, scheduled into the product life cycle in some form (spin, sprial, etc.). There has to be some form of answer on if this a real possibility or not within the next 6 months to a year. I am spending money on other products simply becuse of the lack of the split transactions feature. It would be extremely helpful if we could get a ball park answer to this. Thanks!

Hi @OutdoorInSA! Currently, we are unaware of this being a possibility in the near future, so it is still in the idea phase. I'll submit your feedback to the appropriate team, as we're always looking for ways to improve our services for our members, and every opinion voiced helps. Have a great weekend! ~Holland