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Your automated phone system is absolutely the worst system I have ever endured in my 89 years.  I have attempted to try to speak to someone regardeing bank transfers for 3 days.. have attempted about 8 phone calls...IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SPEAK TO ANYONE..

What used to be a great company is now getting to be the worst company to attempt to do business with and I have been a client for over 60+ years... Member xx xx xx from 1953..  Now how an I speak t someone??


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I was just going to post the same thing.  I am a 40+ year member and completely agree with you.  It is ridiculas and I guarantee you the retired flag officers on the USAA board do not use the regular phone system or it would get fixed.

@Bythebay, I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment with the phone system. We appreciate your trust over the last 40+ years, and I want to ensure your voice is heard. I've elevated your feedback to the appropriate team. Thank you for posting today. ~Holland

@LAGUNARN, I understand that you would like to speak with a USAA representative regarding bank transfers, and I'm sorry that you've been unsuccessful. As a member of over 60 years, I want to ensure that you receive the service you deserve. Can you tell me what is happening when you call that is preventing you from reaching a USAA representative?  ~DC