Someone in Australia fraudulently using my debit/checking

I just received an email from USAA yesterday, asking me to call them regarding suspicious activity on my debit card. Sure enough when I called, and they verified ten or so recent transactions with me, there was almost $1,000 that wasn't me. I live in Phoenix. Wouldn't same day transactions on the other side of the world indicate that there is UNDOUBTEDLY fraudulent activity occurring in Australia?
So after that automated machine confirmed I have indeed been robbed, I waited 20 minutes on hold, only to have the call disconnected.
I called back and it happened again, after another 20 minutes of waiting. I've about had it with this nonsense...horrible customer service. horrible. Pathetic. Keystone cops of customer service.


I agree with the bad customer service, same problem with fraudulent use of my acct and horrible customer service in trying  to get it fixed.



I have passed along your concerns to our fraud team and they will be reaching out to assist. Thank you.

Dusty... one thing to keep in mind.  Activity in Australia when you live in Phoenix is not necessarily an indication of fraud.  Given the ease of ordering something from Australia on line, it is very possible you did the purchase (from the bank's perspective).  As an example, I purchased an auto part from a local store (east coast) and when I got my credit card statement, it said there was a purchase from California.  After calling USAA and some research on my own, I found out the home office of the parts store (or at least where they do their payment processing) was in California.