I'm currently going through a divorce and my exhusband cleaned me out, the only source of income I have is a small paycheck from a part time minimum wage job AND I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Because my account was negative ONCE USAA decided to hold my paycheck until the 18th. I have no money and needed that check to buy food. I called and told them the situation and there's "nothing they can do." Thanks for giving me the middle finger USAA. I'm changing banks as soon as I get my next paycheck.


Sorry to hear about your current situation. Why don't you have your check direct deposited into your account? In that way you will not have any holds because they can clearly see you have the funds available. It may seem 'Stupid' on USAA's part to place the hold and honestly I probably would have been upset too but you have to think of it from there standpoint. They're just protecting themselves as a business who doesn't want to lose money.
As for your ex husband, he is wrong. At least he could help with food because you're pregnant with his child. I hope you find your way out of this situation soon, perhaps apply for food stamps temporarily until you can provide for you & your child. Good luck!
So sorry to here that hope all goes well. But be careful some people on here can be very mean and unintelligent.

Sorry for your unfortunate situation.  Shanel explained it rather well.  Moving banks probably won't help you though, as holds are common practice (as allowed by law) in the industy and a new account will almost certainly have deposits held until they clear. Also, some banks have more rigid hold release requirements (minimum balance, credit rating and such).


Once you have six months or so of good account management, USAA will normally release most if not all the funds at the time of deposit.


Best of luck.



I'm sorry but you're explaining banks to me like I'm new here. I have good bank account history, my ex husband's accounts are the ones that are always negative, mine has only been once and it was for a couple dollars. So yes, this is stupid.

Unless you were a joint account holder on your ex husbands account, the history of those accounts cannot be held against you.  It may be stupid, but a financial institution only has our financial reputation in which to judge us by.

And not every work place offers direct deposit, just FYI.
I know. That's what I'm saying. HIS accounts are negative, not mine, so I shouldn't be the one having problems.

I know that emotions drive us - and the difficulty of your situation makes emotions especially super-charged.

One option is for you to take the check to the institution that it is drawn off of.....meaning your employers bank.

They will be able to immediately verify the funds and should be able to cash it for you. I know that it is inconvenient for you, but at least you can have the cash to immediately go for direct need.


Almost all banks will place holds on check drawn from another institution – unless you get a certified check from them, or if you have available funds in your own account to cover the amount that the check is written for.


This often times creates hardships for the individual and is clearly a protection measure for the bank to take care of themselves and or the stockholders. But, that’s just the way it is in America.


On another note – you could call your ex-husband and explain things to him first and he should be willing to help you. I know I would be – regardless of the circumstance. If he is unwilling, then there are legal avenues you can explore considering you are carrying his child.


There are also social services programs available that can immediately assist you getting back on your feet. I know this is often a matter of pride (I know it would be for me) but everyone needs a hand up sometimes in their lives. There is no shame in – when you need it.


I don’t like the banks unwillingness to help you any more than you do, but we need to focus on solutions right now instead of our anger (though it helps to vent sometimes). Let’s target how to get you what you need immediately first  - then we can address banking institutions later. Right now - the options are laid out first. Cash the check at the bank its drawn from (your employers bank). Lets look at some social services options that can help get you over the hump immediately. Lets get your ex-husband kicked into gear to help you with his child. 


Hang in there - it will work out.