I have been a member for USAA for over 16 years. I have always been happy with them until recently. My teenage son and I had a joint account a year os so ago. It went unactive when he moved out.I have him listed as a family member on my profile. He moved back home so we recently reactivated that joint account that we had together before. He was added to my auto policy as well. We supplied a photo ID that he personally came in to a USAA office to show along with his birth certificate. USAA froze his account will not allow withdrawal and will not close and mail him funds in the account. They insist that he provided a copy of social security card and proof of residence. He lost his socal security card and we are having to file for replacement. He doesn't have proof of residence other than his auto insurance that has his address and mine matching that is WITH USAA! I understand security, I have worked in the financial business for over 20 years. I have never had to give a social security card to prove who I am.

It was an old account that was reactivated with same name and same address as before. It's crazy and he can't get to over $500 of his money. Not much to most of us but to a 19 year old kid making just over min wage it's a lot!



Actually, you can thank federal government regulations.  


Increase pressure in recent years due to money laundering and terrorism has resulted in banks tighten down their procedures to ensure they are in compliance.


I am so sorry for the frustration this situation has caused. If you could send us an email here at socialmedia@usaa.com with you and your son's member number and the details you provided above, we can look into the documentation and make sure everything is set. Thank you.