So disappointed, but the writing has been on the wall...I am have to quit you USAA

I have noticed little things here and there. Customer Service is not great anymore, prices are not awesome, interest rates are lower elsewhere. USAA is not very competitive anymore. But on a TV commercial the other day I heard that USAA is part of Covid Scam if you will. Check this out. I could not believe that USAA paid money to be a part of this. It is not a PSA, more like a "pay to play".  This really makes me question if USAA has veteran's best interests at heart. Will they act as Citibank and Bank of America and disclose to whoever wants to know, what we purchase without cause?  You may have to copy the link below into another window.




Hello @Bionic20Goddess12 - I'm sorry you feel this way about USAA. We did not spend any money to receive this certification or to be a part of this campaign. I appreciate your membership, and hope you have a great day. - Cathleen 

Thanks for the link- it explained a business model/scam I've never heard of before, kind of a New Age "feel good about your yourself living in a certified building" for wealthy people. I note USAA responded that aren't part of this either as a sponsor or client, and that may be true, but it just as well may be false: in the past year I've seen directly that USAA will lie about things routinely, sometimes trivial and totally unnecessary lies, and sometimes quite significant. It's as if the USAA culture has changed from one of absolute integrity to one of deceit for profit and wokeness. Except for a few banking type accounts, we've happily- and without regret- quit USAA a year ago (I'm a 37 year member)- you can'tget out fast enough!

Smart move leaving USAA.

Hello @Reid Fitzsimons, I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah