I have been a loyal customer and advicate of USAA products for over 20 years.  As a small business owner I would LOVE to utilize USAA for my business checking as I have such high trust for this organization.


Dear Woodstock77,

We are so pleased to hear we have been your trusted provider for 20 years! Thank you!


We know that small-business banking is important to some of our members, and we continue to evaluate offering it in the future. Unfortunately, at this time, it is not a focus area for us as we are working on other priorities.


Thank you again for your compliment and for taking the time to comment here in the community.


Yes.  PLEASE, PLEASE institute small business banking now.  Tons and tons of veterans are in dire need of USAA small business services.   Other banks are breaking our budgets will the fees involved.  Your services will not only help veteran small business keep more money in their businesses, but, with no/lower fees, allow veteran owned businesses to offer their products/services at lower prices, making veteran owned business more competitive in their particular market.  These will be business accounts for LIFE.  Please make this a "focus area" and one of the "Priorities" you are "working on".

I am just starting a business and have my insurance, mortgage, personal checking and savings all through USAA. Would be great to have my small business account there as well.