Our account (my son and I), have a joint checking account. Auto-pay was set up to pay for his auto policy (not mine). USAA debits our USAA checking account. This month of April - it did'nt happen. No matter how much explanation to say please pay the policy of my son from our joint account -- they wanted me to come up woth a Power of Atty since the Auto policy is not mine.  Note: the checking account was set up to pay -- it stopped. The checking account where I wanted to re-set up the payment is jointly with my son. The policy is in my son's name. Why would I need a power of atty just to make a payment from a checking account that is jointly with my son to his auto policy, (I understand that I would need a POA to ask for details on the auto policy - information that is private to my son). BUT that is not what I am asking - I am requesting to re-set -up what ordinarily is a simple bill pay from my son's account to his auto policy!!NOPE they want a Power of attorney. Weird - late payments and fees will happen -- if your stationed overseas you will accumulate penalty fees and POOR mama will be held liable.


Hello, THB1. I am saddened to read you may have some struggles with updating your sons payment option for his auto policy. Kindly note, your son can update his automatic payments by selecting 'My Tools"- "Pay Bills"-"USAA Auto & Property Bill"-"Modify/Set-up Autimatic Payments". Thank you.

If it’s any consolation, I’ve see this with other banks and utility accounts with my wife. If the policy is in his name only then they usually need him on the phone to protect his rights. I have access to my wife’s online accounts to facilitate this type of stuff.