My husband and I have been unhappy with the USAA budgeting functions for checking accounts. I was a Beta tester for the Qapital app, and for savings it is awesome. Then we used Simple Bank (Simple app) for most of our day to day checking needs. They are closing now, and we are not sure how we will be able to keep our financial goals afloat without them.

We think USAA needs to jump on the ball and quickly develop some of these features for current Members to take advantage of. Our satisfaction with USAA banking would go THROUGH THE ROOF if they were able to do this, and I'm sure there are lots of other members (and Simple users) that would benefit from this too!

Some of our favorite features of the Simple mobile banking include:
•Pocket (or bucket) budgeting (checking & savings)
•Individual and Shared accounts w/debit cards to match
•Easy transfers between any pockets or accounts
•Easy categorizing for each bucket, notes, even attaching photos.
•Goal setting for savings made simple with round-up and auto-save features.

If you use Simple and are reading this, have you found a better alternative? We are investigating One Finance, Ally Financial, and taking another look at Qapital (for savings) and Everydollar (for checking, although this app is $5/mo and is not the pocket style budgeting we prefer).


Hello and thank you for taking the time to share all of your feedback and your concerns. We will make sure your recommendations and comments are viewed by the appropriate department for future consideration. Thank you!