I want to pay off my Signature Visa Card each month BEFORE i get hit with interest charges.  

Does anybody know what date each month this occurs?  I cant seem to find it.

Thanks people!


Hi @J. U.! Thank you for reaching out. If you pay the balance on the card in full each month before your due date, there will be no interest charged to the account. This date is different for every account, as it goes based off of the date your account was opened. The due date is generally 25 days after the statement closing date. When you receive your statement, you'll see this information on there.


There is an exception to this. If you have a cash advance, or a special promotion that falls under specific terms, interest may be charged on a daily basis. That will be explained when you process the cash advance or the promotion, in which case the interest will be charged to the account until you pay off the full balance. I hope this information helps! ~Holland