Sick of the charges

I cannot understand how a bank can repeatedly charge $29 NSF fees, a charge they manipulate into happening by processing payments DAYS after the debit transactions are processed. I was unable to make a payment for my utility bill after I had made a payment that didn’t get processed for 4 days after the fact. After the first NSF fee, I was unable to make the payment because my utility provider showed $0 balance owed. Que the repeated NSF fees and the “sorry there’s nothing we can do” excuse from USAA. New homeowner with new bills coming out at new times of the month gets getting used to.. I will be finding a bank more willing to accommodate their members when accidents happen in life.
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The easiest and most effective to avoid NSF fees is to make sure you have sufficient funds in your account at all times.  If you normally make $500 in purchase a month, make sure your account has at least $750 at all times for example.


USAA can be blamed for a lot of mistakes in recent months, but this isn't one of them.





Wow. Not sure you are going to find a bank that will accommodate someone not keeping track of their money. Unfortunately, with the onset of online banking, people no longer keep a checkbook ledger or balance that ledger each month (that was always such a pain.) I stopped using debit for the reasons you state: transactions don't get posted right away, a dangerous situation. I finally felt comfortable moving to using a credit card only, keeping my cash in my checking account and paying my credit card when due. If you can get into the habit of paying for everything with your credit card, spending only what you need on the credit card and not take money out of your checking account, then that money will be there to pay the credit card. And if it is a rewards credit card, then you will make some money on every purchase. People get scared at the idea of using only a credit card because of interest fees if they can't pay it off, but how much more will you pay in interest than those NSF fees?

Hello @TL5, I'm sorry to hear of this experience you had with us. Thanks for taking the time to post. I've forwarded your post to the appropriate area for further review and handling. ~Sarah