Shutdown Eligibility for only Two Agencies?? Why??

I just got off the phone with a very pleasant representative who informed me I wasn’t eligible for the loan incentives being offered to USCG and NOAA employees during the shutdown. Even though I’m a DHS employee who has been working with no pay since the shutdown and my agency falls under the same department as the USCG (which USAA has deemed eligible), it seems as though I’m not extended the same low rate offer as other members. Wonder why during the last shutdown that affected pay, we were all treated equally by USAA, but this time it’s only two agencies? Yet, other banking institutions are offering their members the same offer to all affected employees. I think USAA is going to lose some members after this. Sad, because I even have my children signed up with USAA accounts and I guess they’ll end up becoming future Navy Fed members instead of USAA members.


@ColdZeroWV, we understand that some of our non-military members are impacted by the current government shutdown, but given the difficulty in determining each federal department’s approach and each member’s status, we’ve had to limit this offer to active duty Coast Guard and NOAA Corps employees.  We encourage you to call us again to discuss your specific situation, so we can help determine the best options for you. Thank you. -Cynthia  

I appreciate your response Cynthia, but I won’t be calling back in. I called in and got all the information I needed the first time. I was told I’m not eligible. Your reply even states that it’s difficult for your department to determine eligibility so you’re not offering it to all. I have no idea how NOAA got into the approved list, but I can understand active duty USCG being covered. However, we are talking loans here, and you have a loan department, and a loan approval process, and I’m calling well over a week in advance. You’d think that your loan department may ask for some sort of documentation or something, like maybe the furlough papers I was provided with, along with the years of biweekly direct deposits and this should be a no-brainer. Obviously Navy Federal has it figured out, and since they do, that’s where my accounts will be moving to after this is over and there’s someone in DC to process the change forms for my direct deposits from you to NFCU. So, again, I won’t be calling to discuss any personal loan options where you can profit from me due to this. The next time I’ll call will be to close mine and my family’s accounts.  Thanks again for your response. Y’all have my number if you decide to make it right.

This is a poor excuse.  The Navy Federal Credit Union is offering there members a 0% APR Loan during the government shutdown. If they can do it, so can USAA!!!  Is there ANY chance USAA will be changing their current policy on assistance???


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@Al B. Darn, We regularly evaluate our offerings to ensure we’re providing members with products and services that meet their needs. Given the reality of recurring or potentially prolonged government shutdowns, we redesigned our loan product that offers increased flexibility and extended repayment options for affected members. We will continue to evaluate this product offering against member value to help ensure it serves its purpose of easing the financial hardship that can result from a government shutdown and interruption in pay. ~DC

Why can the other banks figure it out but USAA is unable?

I too just got off the phone from two departments, Banking and Insurance, and found that there is no relief for those of us that are furloughed or excepted employees.  Of all creditors I have spoken with today, I thought for sure USAA would be the most supportive, and it is not or not prepared.  The representatives I spoke to did not even seem to have internal guidence other than shuffeling me to other departments.  I personnally have not talked to the banking loan department yet, I was hoping to talk to debt solutions first, but after seeing this post I seriously doubt I will get relief either as I too am a DHS employee.  I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN USAA RIGHT NOW!

We are sorry to hear you are disappointed @Bullpup95. We will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. -Emily

FAA employee here and been working and working overtime since the shutdown.  USAA's stance on this caused me to open a Navy Federal account this morning.  USAA used to be for us, now they're all about the money and profile, the prime example is the millions they spend on advertising during NFL games.  I should't need a loan but it would be nice to know my "veteran friendly" bank would have my back if I did. 

There is no relief of assistance for the US Public Health Service as well.  There are over 6000 officers in this agency serving in Indian Health Service and other agencies that are not eligible for assistance from USAA.  We have always received exemplary service from USAA over the many years we have banked with them.  We also signed our adult children up with USAA because of this service.  We don't understand why the other agencies that are affected by the government shutdown, but eligible for USAA are not eligible for short-term assistance like at other institutions.  Please remedy this.