When I log onto my USAA account and look at my current credit card account information, at the top of the page you show the "Statement Balance As of" date, the "Last Payment Received As of" date, the "Minimum Payment Met" information and the "Payment Due" date.  Further down on the page, just below the "Transactions" tab, you even display the actual todays date, such as, "Thursday, December 26, 2019." But you don't display the date when my current billing cycle date will be, so I will know on what date my credit card statement will generate.


Also, next to the "Transactions" tab, is the "Account Details" tab.  When I click "Account Details," you show me the last "Statement Balance" date, the "Last Payment Received" date, "Minimum Payment Due" amount and "Payment Due Date."  Once again, you do not bother showing me on what date my current billing cycle will end.


Showing me the date on which my current billing cycle will end would be very helpful.  For example, today is December 26, 2019.  If I know my current cycle will end on December 30, 2019, I could send in a extra payment on December 28th or 29th so that my statement will reflect that payment and have a lower balance and this will improve my credit score.


Regardless of the many reasons this knowledge can benefit me, I believe displaying the current cycle end date is information that should be disclosed to every card holder's benefit and not hidden.  Additionally, this would be good information to have for my checking and savings account information too - displaying the current cycle end date.


I have a credit card with Citi Bank and their website shows the date when my current cycle will end, which is January 23, 2020.


@Army Air Traffic, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding billing cycles. I've shared your comments with our bank team. We continually look for opportunity to improve our services and your comments will help us do so. -  Ben