Well stated. TY from a concerned so called "member" .

Do what I will recommend everybody in my unit do: Give USAA an undesirable discharge.


Their USAA Social Services staff will come along and say they are surprosed by what happened and that they value your membership.  This is all a crock.  They willsay that they will have someone review the situation and get back to you.  This is an even bigger crock.


If you do decide to give them your information that they've requested, they will see your NET worth is higher than your income and then demand tax returns from you under threat of closing your accounts.  

Navy Federal is about to inherant a ton of disgruntled USAA customers. 

Yes, that is a fact.  I know several who have discharged USAA already and moved to either Navy Federal or PenFed.  

Navy Federal has been an excellent institution.  I used to say that about USAA and will no longer recommend to anyone. 

Yes, it is sad.  USAA has deteriorated to the point where there is no hope unless they have a complete change of leadership.  

Ever since Stuart Parker, USAA executive leadership has been nothing but grossly incompetent.  


The only hope for USAA is getting new leadership on the scale of General Robles.  USAA needs someone who has shown extreme success in understanding military life and who has unquestionable integrity.  That, unfortunately, ended a USAA when General Robles retired.