Shameful banking survey

Dear Community, After what I perceive as several years of declining USAA performance and culture, I am finally moved to post on this site. The recent required banking survey I received was the last straw. I submitted the following to the feedback site today. Did others receive this and what was your reaction?


I am deeply disappointed with USAA's decision to require an intrusive survey regarding the sources, amounts and uses of my checking and savings accounts. This information was required without explanation or context. When I called USAA to inquire, I was told that it was part of USAA's "Know Your Customer Initiative." Here is some feedback about knowing this customer: I do not appreciate overly intrusive questions from my banking partner that infringe on my privacy. If you would like to request this information voluntarily, that would be fine but to threaten to lock me out of my mobile app if I don't respond within three logins is coercive. What has happened to USAA's respectful, customer-first approach? You are behaving as though you are the customer's commanding officers. After 20 years of membership, I will begin exploring alternative institutions for my banking and insurance needs today. I believe you owe your customers an apology for this shameful exercise.


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Well, add me to the list of people who have been with USAA for over 30 years who just received the survey!  I too called as soon as I was locked out of my account for not completing the survey by the way I am presently deployed overseas.  Got the same answer to the issue the Patriot Act and protecting my account, Customer first approach is a new one. I’m sure you can look at the years of account activity and tell where most of the money comes from and where it goes what my income is and where I’m presently located so your survey to me, and it seems a great many people who have been with USAA for many years find it very intrusive unnecessary and arrogant on your part.  Just taking a short look at the Patriot Act it talks about suspected Terrorists and suspected Money Launderers and mostly Foreign Nationals either sending or receiving money from outside of the United States. There also is The Right to Financial Privacy Act and I would love to see where this falls into your survey and me having no right to not answer your survey before you lock me out.  Again, I am deployed overseas, and I had to answer this survey because you locked my account, and my wife back home must pay the bills and live while I’m gone.  For about the last 10 to 15 years you gave me plenty of excuses to move my money and business some where else but like I said I have been with you for 36 years and I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but the benefit is pretty much gone!


CW5 John J. Petraroi 

Do what I will recommend everybody in my unit do: Give USAA an undesirable discharge.


Their USAA Social Services staff will come along and say they are surprosed by what happened and that they value your membership.  This is all a crock.  They willsay that they will have someone review the situation and get back to you.  This is an even bigger crock.


If you do decide to give them your information that they've requested, they will see your NET worth is higher than your income and then demand tax returns from you under threat of closing your accounts.  

Navy Federal is about to inherant a ton of disgruntled USAA customers. 

Yes, that is a fact.  I know several who have discharged USAA already and moved to either Navy Federal or PenFed.  

Navy Federal has been an excellent institution.  I used to say that about USAA and will no longer recommend to anyone. 

Yes, it is sad.  USAA has deteriorated to the point where there is no hope unless they have a complete change of leadership.  

Ever since Stuart Parker, USAA executive leadership has been nothing but grossly incompetent.  


The only hope for USAA is getting new leadership on the scale of General Robles.  USAA needs someone who has shown extreme success in understanding military life and who has unquestionable integrity.  That, unfortunately, ended a USAA when General Robles retired.  

@jjp1, We truly value your 30 years of membership with us and the last thing we want is for you to consider leaving. You can rest assured that we're taking your feedback seriously and I will forward your concerns to the appropriate area for further review. Thank you - Tricia 

Hard to believe.  35 year member.  Your website is getting worse and worse.  It can be unusable at times and unreadable at best.  Maybe it's Firefox but guess what - many people use Firefox and your platforms should work with it.    Customer service experience has been getting worse and worse. 


I dread the next "improvement" and am also beginning my shift away from USAA.  That would be for banking, credit services, auto insurance, home insurance.  And don't fricking apologize again.  DO SOMETHING.  Apologies without action is worthless.

Well stated. TY from a concerned so called "member" .

Tricia/USAA -


You are holding our bank accounts hostage for marketing info.


Read that again.


Anyone intrested should google "banking regulation [their state]" and give them a call.  Or just move their account (preferably both).





@the_tank, I regret to hear you felt this way. This is certainly not the intention of the questionnaire. Federal regulations, including the USA PATRIOT Act and Bank Secrecy Act,  require that USAA understand certain things about its members and how the account will be used. These laws are designed to help protect the U.S. financial system as well as to protect our members and USAA. Your feed back is very important and I will be sure to share this with the appropriate department for further review. - Robyn

How much money was USAA Federal Saving Bank fined recently by the U. S. goverment for failure to operate properly? Each fine and each law suit that USAA generated is paid for by ( so called) members. 

Maybe reconsider your approach instead of blaming the rules?

That is why I came here today as well. How very communistic of them. I have never in my life been asked anything like this from a bank who holds my money. This truly gave me pause. It makes me wonder if at a time in the near future “my” money won’t actually be “my” money. 35 years of membership is about to come to an end. When they instituted direct deposit and made it impossible to actually get a check or cash, and banking became digital, our ability to actually control our money went out the window. My military retirement belongs to whomever controls the bank it goes into. Such a sad day.

@Corpsman4ever, we are saddened to read of your experience with your account.  I will engage an account specialist to review this further, Thank you for letting us know of your experience.

I have been locked out of my checking account for many months now.  I refuse to again affirm or confirm my account information that has been on file with USAA for over 30 years.  USAA has the information.  The Feds have the information.  They just want me to hang my neck out by signing yet another form.  Now I am being threatened by USAA to be locked out of all financial accounts if I don't fill in another "survey".  The Feds already know my annual income from my annual tax forms.  They do not need to know my net worth.  I did not fill in the survey first page so could not see the remaining information that will be demanded.  It sounds bad!  I have been impressed over the 30 years at how well I was treated as a customer and felt privledged to be a member.  I had all my financial, investment and insurance through USAA.  The past year has been completely different as if they want me gone.  They have sent my investment accounts away already.  Is it because of the tremendous TV advertising expense?  It appears time for me to move my financial accounts to another firm so I have control over them.   Insurance will also go away when they start surveys for that.

Wow! Hard to believe and so upsetting this is happening to a USAA customer. It seems USAA has made a u-turn and has lost respect for members. Shocking stuff.

My husband is locked out of his account completely because he won't answer questions that require a search warrant from law enforcement. How much is our net worth? Where does our money come from? All supposedly in the name of Homeland Security. 

My husband spoke with a Vice President named Jennifer Gonzalez who lied to him and said this is standard procedure within the banking industry.

We just contacted a bank we have other accounts with and were told that is not true. They are under no obligation to ask these questions.

So USAA its now up yo you to explain why you are holding the account hostage ? Ms. Gonzalez any response? No longer keeping this between us and USAA. Just letting the community know what you're up to. Spying on members? For who? 

Talking to our other bank now as their checking/ customer service has been superb.

If any other member refuses to answer these questions or was forced please comment. This is personal information that literally requires a search warrant if it were under law enforcement scrutiny. Also we have direct deposits from every entity so its pretty clear where the money comes from.