@diferminds, I'd like to learn more about your concerns. Can you provide more information about the questions you are referring to? Any additional details will be helpful. Thank you. - Rhonda 

Your calls are recorded.   The complaints are on file.  Whats the confusion.  Any member can put anything call in and tell them they are all wrong after an hour of time get told ok nothing they can do but it will ask again.

@diferminds, I'll forward your feedback on this matter for further review. If clarification is needed we will reach out to you. I apologize for any inconvenience this matter has caused. Thank you. - Rhonda 

I have even called about it.  I have read the patriot act also.  Do not see how USAA is the only bank that asks these questions but the others do not.  It must of been the FINE because the ruless USAA comes up with seems pathetic.  Also I keep wondering why is USAA always advertising are they loosing customers due to the lack of service.

This banking survey should be stopped immediately and forever. This is about freedom and privacy. Without freedom you have no right to privacy. What will fall next? USAA has made a decision to slam it's great customer base and disrespect even long  term ( so called) members. I regreat that my friends are being subjected to disrespect by USAA. Stop it!

@pinetree, Thank you for reaching out with your concerns. I am forwarding this now to the appropriate area to review. ~Tom

Don't waste your time.

I have been locked out of my checking account for many months now.  I refuse to again affirm or confirm my account information that has been on file with USAA for over 30 years.  USAA has the information.  The Feds have the information.  They just want me to hang my neck out by signing yet another form.  Now I am being threatened by USAA to be locked out of all financial accounts if I don't fill in another "survey".  The Feds already know my annual income from my annual tax forms.  They do not need to know my net worth.  I did not fill in the survey first page so could not see the remaining information that will be demanded.  It sounds bad!  I have been impressed over the 30 years at how well I was treated as a customer and felt privledged to be a member.  I had all my financial, investment and insurance through USAA.  The past year has been completely different as if they want me gone.  They have sent my investment accounts away already.  Is it because of the tremendous TV advertising expense?  It appears time for me to move my financial accounts to another firm so I have control over them.   Insurance will also go away when they start surveys for that.

Wow! Hard to believe and so upsetting this is happening to a USAA customer. It seems USAA has made a u-turn and has lost respect for members. Shocking stuff.

That is why I came here today as well. How very communistic of them. I have never in my life been asked anything like this from a bank who holds my money. This truly gave me pause. It makes me wonder if at a time in the near future “my” money won’t actually be “my” money. 35 years of membership is about to come to an end. When they instituted direct deposit and made it impossible to actually get a check or cash, and banking became digital, our ability to actually control our money went out the window. My military retirement belongs to whomever controls the bank it goes into. Such a sad day.