Shameful banking survey

Dear Community, After what I perceive as several years of declining USAA performance and culture, I am finally moved to post on this site. The recent required banking survey I received was the last straw. I submitted the following to the feedback site today. Did others receive this and what was your reaction?


I am deeply disappointed with USAA's decision to require an intrusive survey regarding the sources, amounts and uses of my checking and savings accounts. This information was required without explanation or context. When I called USAA to inquire, I was told that it was part of USAA's "Know Your Customer Initiative." Here is some feedback about knowing this customer: I do not appreciate overly intrusive questions from my banking partner that infringe on my privacy. If you would like to request this information voluntarily, that would be fine but to threaten to lock me out of my mobile app if I don't respond within three logins is coercive. What has happened to USAA's respectful, customer-first approach? You are behaving as though you are the customer's commanding officers. After 20 years of membership, I will begin exploring alternative institutions for my banking and insurance needs today. I believe you owe your customers an apology for this shameful exercise.


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@Cate 1, thank you for reaching out and sharing your concerns regarding the Know Your Customer Initiative. I regret to hear that your husband's account has been locked as a result of the questionnaire. This initiative is certainly never intended to cause an inconvenience. This initiative is to ensure USAA remains a compliant company and meets all federal regulations. As part of the USA PATRIOT Act and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), all banks are required to understand their customers and their intended account activities. Collecting the required customer information ensures compliance with federal laws and regulations. I certainly understand your concerns and your feedback is very important to us. I am escalating your concerns to the appropriate department for further review.  - Robyn


This banking survey should be stopped immediately and forever. This is about freedom and privacy. Without freedom you have no right to privacy. What will fall next? USAA has made a decision to slam it's great customer base and disrespect even long  term ( so called) members. I regreat that my friends are being subjected to disrespect by USAA. Stop it!

@pinetree, Thank you for reaching out with your concerns. I am forwarding this now to the appropriate area to review. ~Tom

Don't waste your time.

So I have been backing with USAA for many years.  You can see my depsits and whenI get gas, food, other items.  You see who is on the account and you see credit reports.  What did USAA not see about what I do that I need to answer the questions often and when you call to tell them you answered wrong you say ok.  

@diferminds, I'd like to learn more about your concerns. Can you provide more information about the questions you are referring to? Any additional details will be helpful. Thank you. - Rhonda 

I have even called about it.  I have read the patriot act also.  Do not see how USAA is the only bank that asks these questions but the others do not.  It must of been the FINE because the ruless USAA comes up with seems pathetic.  Also I keep wondering why is USAA always advertising are they loosing customers due to the lack of service.

Your calls are recorded.   The complaints are on file.  Whats the confusion.  Any member can put anything call in and tell them they are all wrong after an hour of time get told ok nothing they can do but it will ask again.

@diferminds, I'll forward your feedback on this matter for further review. If clarification is needed we will reach out to you. I apologize for any inconvenience this matter has caused. Thank you. - Rhonda 

TY for posting this. Shocking on the part of USAA. Negative actions at USAA can only be coming from top management. Very negative to every member. Sickeningly stunning!

I haven't seen this survey but it sounds like so much elite corporate nonsense, like the massive globalist internet corporations who suck every bit of information as possible from their users so they can resale and market it, then banally and disingenuously claim it's so they can "enhance and customize your user experience."


Just another of many reasons to bail out of USA! My husband (37 year member) and I did except for a few necessary banking type accounts, and couldn't be more pleased.

@Hiker5, I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment over our service, and your recent experience with our Know Your Customer initiative. It's never our intention to have any of our members feel this way. I appreciate you taking the time to post today. I've elevated your feedback regarding this to the appropriate team. Thank you. ~Holland

Go away with your non-apology.

Are you saying you don't like BOTologies?  It seemed perfectly human.  And I am sure it will lead to nothing.  It's the new way for USAA.

AKA: USAA does not care, no response will be taken, but I need to look like I am addressing your issue.