I have been with USAA for 45 years and have NEVER had an issue with ANYTHING, let alone the distribution from the SSA (yes...distribution or RE-distribution so that it's not taxable). I've always been notified about it, been alerted to choose/update my preferences and have been advised as to its imminent transfer into my checking account. Back in the day, when it came via a check in the mail, I even received a "warning letter" a few days in advance, in the event that I might throw something away from USAA without opening it first, thinking it was just an ad. I'm sorry some of you are having difficulties, but even at that, I've always received efficient, courteous service when I've called (my wife even accuses me of calling just to hear the Rep address me by my rank...lol).

Then again, I AM a West Pointer, so I probably receive preferential service...JUST KIDDING...trying to inject some levity!




Thank you for your feedback and your membership. 

I too have been a member of USAA for 45 years, having joined when I accepted a Warrant Officer Appointment, in a transfer from the U. S. Air Force to the U. S. Army, in 1970.  Just in time to get into the Vietnam debacle, I might add.  If there are problems that other folks have run across with USAA, rest assured that I have experienced none of them.  As for the Senior Bonus, I have looked upon it as just a great idea, of which I was unaware until I reached that particular plateau in my life.  I am thankful for the benefits that I have derived from USAA, and that my children have also taken advantage of having this company on their side as well.  As for the Go Navy bit, I would have to say Roll Army in response, except we are continually having a problem to roll over the Navy!  LOL!