There was mention of a distribution for senior members in February. Can someone explain this to me? When is this supposed to occur?


I would like to know too. How do we find out?

This is a member specific question that cannot be answered here in the forums. Please contact a member representative using the CONTACT US button on or by calling 210-531-8722 or 1-800-531-8722. Thank you. 

You are the moderator and from what I see, you work for USAA.  Your post that we need to call someone is weak.

By this time, a decision should have been made and that decision located somewhere on the USAA website.  If it hasn't been made, then we should know why and that should have been posted on the website as well.  In either case, we should have been directed to that location.  

You should know that the Silver Senior Distribution is a hot button for those of us who are eligibile and some notice should have been made by now.

As our representative for USAA via this forum you are only being asked about whether the bonus has been approved.  If you don't know you should be able to easily find out and post it.  Likewise, you could also find out what the range of the bonus is likely to be.  People who inquire about the senior bonus already probably know they are eligible and most people already probably realize that the amount of the bonus is likely dependent on one's degree of financial activity with USAA and length of time having been associated with USAA.  So please just answer the original question and find out what the likely range of the bonus would be if approved.  Thanks

Just wait until Monday.....


I agree that since USAA apparently encourages this community forum and knows about this discussion, they could be a bit more forthcoming about the particulars of this bonus. 


Many of the people inquiring are to receive the Senior Bonus for the first time - like me, and I have learned a great deal here. I believe USAA notified us about it, a few months ago, but was quite vague.  Curious people inquire.


However, when you call USAA, you DO get a bit of a run-around unless you call it by the right name.....and there is nothing on the website about the SSAs.  I think they do this so people are not confused into thinking this is a regular savings account.


They will issue a statement of balances and distribution in February.....that is all I know.   I'll know more on Monday.  I am a customer too.

     This is a USAA members forum. It is monitored by USAA but USAA does not answer questions directly in the forum. Their advice is always to call your representative. As this forum points out, that does not always work on matters concerning your Subscriber's Saving Account and its two distributions, the Annual Distribution  and the Senior Bonus.

     Basic information on the SSA can be found on the website under My profile/Manage Preferences/Insurance Dividend & Distribution.

     Your annual SSA total is provided to you each February on the Annual SSA Statement. Check your document file.

     Your SSA Annual Distribution should also have been noted in December in the account you requested it be posted.

     The Senior Bonus, if provided, is 10% of your current SSA account total. 

The only 'information' on Preferences option is HOW to distribute your which accounts.  There is no balance in the SSA shown.  There are no notices of exactly when to expect the next announcement.  There are a couple of general statements.


All of this will happen next week. 

Just an FYI for those who might be interested.  I had given my preference for the Senior Bonus to be utilized against my Home & Auto premiums.  Due to the point they are at in February, there is usually some of the Bonus leftover.  Last year I called, and asked if USAA could apply that to my USAA credit card, and they did without any hassle or problems. 

This appears to be another example of the increasingly low rating USAA is now receiving from members. I have been a member over 45 years and have lately considered taking my business elsewhere. The USAA bank is the worst I have ever encountered in my life. Now we cannot get an answer to the simple question re: the seniors' distribution. Tara can't take the time to get us an answer. This is NOT a member specific question. This a MEMBERS specific question. ANSWER IT!