There was mention of a distribution for senior members in February. Can someone explain this to me? When is this supposed to occur?


I would like to know too. How do we find out?

This is a member specific question that cannot be answered here in the forums. Please contact a member representative using the CONTACT US button on usaa.com or by calling 210-531-8722 or 1-800-531-8722. Thank you. 

You are the moderator and from what I see, you work for USAA.  Your post that we need to call someone is weak.

By this time, a decision should have been made and that decision located somewhere on the USAA website.  If it hasn't been made, then we should know why and that should have been posted on the website as well.  In either case, we should have been directed to that location.  

You should know that the Silver Senior Distribution is a hot button for those of us who are eligibile and some notice should have been made by now.

This appears to be another example of the increasingly low rating USAA is now receiving from members. I have been a member over 45 years and have lately considered taking my business elsewhere. The USAA bank is the worst I have ever encountered in my life. Now we cannot get an answer to the simple question re: the seniors' distribution. Tara can't take the time to get us an answer. This is NOT a member specific question. This a MEMBERS specific question. ANSWER IT!


Thank you for your replies. This is a member specific question as it refers to your relationship with USAA. I am not an employee of USAA, rather I am a military spouse community blogger. I do not have access to your accounts or any information on you personally. I will pass this link on to them for a more "official" answer in general regarding the approval of the distribution and hopefully you'll hear from corporate. 

However, I want to be clear that this had NOTHING to do with me not wanting to answer you or not taking the time to answer you. I simply do NOT have the answer. Calling the bank and asking a member services representative would yield you the answer you seek. 


I have done an extensive search of our USAA.com site and all I can find is this: 

What is the Senior Bonus and who is eligible to receive it?Details Showing. Click to Hide.-

The Senior Bonus is an additional distribution of 10% of the member's Subscriber's Account made to those with 40 or more years of membership. If the USAA Board of Directors authorizes a Senior Bonus, the funds will be sent in February. 


I do not see if it has been approved or not. https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/faq_PC_Subscribers_Account_Distribution_index 

Spoke with USAA rep, Senior Bonus info will be available around 20 February 2013.

Thank you jsvalen. I was beginning to fear that it had gone to pay for all the advertising.

Tara, my apologies and thank you for your reply. And also thank you for moderating this site. Since "USAA" follows your name I think we all had reason to believe you are a USAA employee. One of the things being in the service quickly teaches us is any reply which resembles, "it ain't my job," does not fall on tolerant ears. It is part of our DNA. But the fact is, in your case, it isn't your job. But we did not know that.
So, please accept my apology.
And yes, the distribution will be issued on 20 Feb.


Apology accepted. No harm, no foul. I do want to be transparent though. While knowing about your account isn't in my job description, moderating the forums is. The given profile that includes "USAA" in my name is because I am a member blogger and it is my job to direct you to whom can help you (if in fact, that person is not me) and answer your question. Otherwise, I'd be replying to you under my own personal account information. Does that help make sense of that. 


I know why you assumed. I just didn't want you to think I didn't care about your concern or want to answer you questions. It was simply not my lane. I didn't want to get you a wrong answer, you needed an "official" one. We can all relate to that being military, can't we? 


I am glad you got the answer that you were seeking and I hope to see information that we can share here on Feb 20th come out on the website if that is what the representative told you. We'll all watch for it together.