My late husband took a policy (probably 1970)  when USAA was Officers only.  He passed away in 1990 and as his widow I continued and still have policies with USAA.  Would the combined years to date qualify me for the Senior Bonus?  Thanks!


Hi Lprill,


Please give us a call at 1-800-531-USAAand a member service representative who has access to your accounts can answer your questions about your eligibility for the senior bonus.


Thank you for posting! Below are some general details about the Senior Bonus




What follows is some general information about the Senior Bonus and how USAA communicates about it.


The Senior Bonus is an additional distribution of 10% of the member's Subscriber's Account made to those with 40 or more years of membership. If the USAA Board of Directors authorizes a Senior Bonus, the funds will be sent in February.


Those eligible for the Senior Bonus must select a preference for payment by Jan. 31, 2015. If you do not specify a Senior Bonus preference, the Senior Bonus will remain in your Subscriber’s Account.


You can set your preference for your Senior Bonus or make changes to your Subscriber's Account preference by logging on to using your regular password and personal identification number (PIN). Once you’ve logged on:


  1. Go to My Profile at the top of the page.
  2. Click on Manage Preferences under Personal Information.
  3. Select Insurance Dividend and Distribution


USAA sends two communications to members eligible for the Senior Bonus asking them to set or verify their Senior Bonus distribution preference. The communications are sent in October and December as part of the notice about members’ Subscriber’s Account distributions.


October communications to new recipients of the Senior Bonus have been sent only as letters in the past, but this year, they will be sent based upon the member’s correspondence preference. So, if the member has requested all electronic correspondence, it will be sent by email. For prior recipients of the Senior Bonus, October communications have been sent in the past by email or letter, depending on member preference.

I was extrememly upset by the discrimination that USAA exhibits to spouses.  I was married to a naval officer in 1970 and divorced in 1991.  During those years, I was the one who paid the premiums, but my husband was the named insured.  I continued my USAA insurance to the present day, which is another 25 years, so I have been with USAA for 46 years.  Despite this, USAA refuses to extend the senior bonus benefit to me, as they don't consider me to have been an insured during the years I was married.  This is unbelievable.  I can't believe that this is acceptable corporate behavior/policy in this day and age.



Thank you for reaching out in Member Community.  I want to have an insurance specialist look into your situation further.  They will be in contact with you soon.