If I want to use your service, "Send money to someone with a phone number", I understand that my payment will immediately be debited from my account. How does this work on the Receiving person's side of the transaction? How and when do they get the payment?
Thank you.


Hello  NellysMom, The payment is typically received within 1-15 minutes, if the first/last name and e-mail or phone number are correct, the funds will be transferred immediately to recipient's account.

Additionally, the recipient must have the correct phone number and/or email address on file that the sender is utilizing to initiate the transfer. Otherwise it will be sent to PayPal's systems as a send money payment and they will need to follow PayPal's processing guidelines. Once you transfer the funds, you can select Activity from your Transfer Funds history to view the status of the transfer. (Failed, Processing, Not Claimed, Canceled, Processed). I hope you find this information helpful. ~ Lori

Thanks for the reply. Please clarify what you mean by, "...the funds will be transferred immediately to the recipients account." Is this payment going via PayPal? Does the recipient need to have a PayPal account ?

Hi Nelly, Yes, the funds would be immediately transferred to either their USAA bank account or their PayPal account (if they don't have a USAA bank account). If the recipient doesn't have a PayPal account, then they would need to register a PayPal account to claim the funds. - Ben