I'm looking to take on some higher risk investing. I've been watching a few USAA mutual funds for a couple of years now and have decided on their NASDAQ-100 Index (USNQX). The initial buy-in of $3,000 is doable, but I'm curious about how tied up my money is once it's in there. I know I'm buying shares, but can I sell those shares back whenever I want? Are there limits, waiting periods, or anything else that might prevent me from cashing in some of my shares if I want to?


Dear TheShag,

The easiest way for you to get all of your questions answered is to contacts us ( I am not an expert in this area and would hate to give you any incorrect information) or you can check the fund’s prospectus - https://content.usaa.com/mcontent/static_assets/Media/mf_pros_42887.pdf?cacheid=2150690639_p


If you go to this page , there are a few ways to contact an expert:





Thank you!