Seems criminal the inconsistent reporting of balance due

I know every credit card company has struggled with the pains of reissuing cards due to the Target and Home Depot and other security breaches, but the way USAA has managed this is inconceivable! I have for many years always paid my credit card balance by the monthly due date. I know how much this amount is and the due date by logging into my account, selecting banking and the window clearly shows what the balance due by the due date is. But with the breach and a move in which my replacement card was lost in the mail, USAA not only replaced my card but crytically reset things on my account. So my online account said I had no balance due by the due date, so I was confident that all payments were in line. Now after many other very frustrating correspondances, they have referred me to my "printed statements" as pdf that show that I missed payments and have incurred interest fees. But these cannot be found anywhere in the normal electronic process I have used for years nor do they correspond with what the website is reporting to me. So now I have not only incurred ridiculous expenses, but endless hours of frustrations and stress. UNBELIEVABLE. I am amazed that a company whose insurance side is so superior has failed so miserably on the banking side. I'm putting together reviews for every online site and BBB type agency I can find.


That's funny because mine never has a minimum amount due listed just the due date.  Kind of like pay what you like, then I make a payment and they happen to add the interest right afterwards for almost the exact amount of the payment I made.  I also have had 2 cards with them for 2 yrs next month and not once ever made a late payment, but have never received an increase on either of those cards.  I have other cards that have given me 3 increases in the first year.  If I make a substantially large payment they hold it for 5-10 days before posting it, for security reasons they said.  I just saw a link to stop automatic credit card increases click here, I asked them if they have a button to start automatic increases.  I don't get it, don't tell me what I owe each month, so I round it off and make the payment.  If you pay them too much at one time, they act like your trying to pay them with counterfeit money or something.  I am seriously contemplating paying them off at tax time and closig them both out as well as my auto insurance because it was reasonable when I first got it, but with no claims, no tickets, no nothing it increases every 6 months.  I don't understand it, and I agree with the balance due thing my payments always seem to equal the amount of interest they are charging for the month.

I've had USAA for banking and insurance since I joined the service (9 years ago) I have seen a regular decline in their banking and insurance practices. I have saved over $100/month since switching Auto to Geico. Banking has gotten more fraudulent over the years. I used to really love USAA, but lately they are taking big banking practices and putting them into their own accord, with a complete disregard for customer satisfaction. I guarantee there has been a decline in customer loyalty in recent years. Everyone I know that has or had USAA has had something weird and unusual happen where it cost them money. I'm almost completely ready to pack up and leave this camp. Too big to fail mentality and greed will run a lot of people off. IMO


I’m sorry to hear about what happened and would like to have a specialist research your situation. Please provide some additional details by clicking here and USAA will contact you soon.