Security review keeping my account locked

I tried to buy Disney World tickets and my account and debit got locked. No email or anything, just tried to buy some groceries and my card wouldn't work and my USAA app said my account is locked, please call USAA. When I called they said I have to wait until the security review is finished in a couple of days. But I had to call them a couple of times and got a "call us back, I can't verify you", "I just unlocked it for you (they didn't)" and finally "yeah, we can't do anything. You just have to wait". We are an overseas military family, what if we didn't have Navy Fed as our back up? We would just be at the mercy of this security review and have to wait it out. No groceries, bills would get late fees, and if there was an emergency we would be left begging. Is this how USAA wants to treat overseas military families? What's the point of the call center if they can't do anything? I asked if there was some other number I could call to get help and they told me no.

The Disney ticket purchase was already declined, why lock me out of my debit card and my account? We will just transfer our money into Navy Fed, at least then we can actually buy nice things.
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Update: we stayed up until midnight to call USAA. They said guess what? You sent in all necessary documents but we don't know why your account is still locked. Don't worry because it'll only take another couple of days! Oh if it isn't fixed by then? Well we still won't be able to do anything but "put you to the front of the line". What a joke. Once we get access to our money we're moving it out, thanks for the extra bills.

Hello and thank you for reaching our via our social channel to express your concern. We have engaged the appropriate department for further review and research to see what additional support we can offer concerning your locked accounts. Thank you for your continued patience and we are truly sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you!

Now I have a $30 bounce fee because you locked our account. I assume I will have to pay for this even though I have called multiple times to get this resolved. This run around tactic is pathetic.
I don't believe you. This is a generalized message that everyone gets. Why should I bother banking with USAA when you can't properly train your customer service department and leave me high and dry without any warning? Or is it I'm not allowed to use my card overseas when my family is stationed overseas? I'm very confused about what I did wrong to be locked out of my own money.