Security is mortal's chiefest enemy

Especially incompetent security.


When I log on to USAA, it keeps trying to send text messages to what I have clearly identified as my home telephone.


That's a LAND LINE.   In case you 20-something programmers don't know this, some people still have them.  And no, they won't receive text messages. 


USAA needs to supply a voice call option or arrange some other two factor verification method.  Other companies can do this.  Get with the program, USAA.




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@Grandpa Charlie, Thank you for this feedback, appreciate you reaching out about this. I am forwarding it now to be reviewed.


One thing to consider is that in some cases you can have verification codes sent via email if you have that enabled. Just click on your initials at the top of the website to Security Preferences. Thanks again! ~Tom