What has happened to USAA?  I have heard complaints about them lately but only recently did I personally experience the degraded service.  12 hours after submitting a debit card fraud claim 3/4 of the claim was denied after their “extensive investigation.”  How extensive could a 12 hour investigation over a Friday night be?  I didn’t even have time to give them the police report information.


USAA member for life?  Yeah right...loyalty has to work both ways.


@Mojo JoJo, I am so sorry to see that you had a disappointing experience. We do not want that for our members. I am going to forward your feedback to the appropriate area for review. Thank you for reaching out. ~ Suzy 

What has happened to USAA is that Stuart Parker is in charge.  He needs to resign for what he has done to USAA.

I am the original poster and wanted to provide an update.  Last Friday I supplied the police report to USAA and the fraud department asked me to give them until today to respond.  Seperately, as a result of my original post, USAA pledged to get back to me by tomorrow in response to my complaint.  So I guess I am just going to wait another day or two.  


Any bets on whether or not they will actually get back to me?  

Hello @Mojojojo, I appreciate you reaching out today. I do show your concerns have been shared with the appropriate area, we appreciate your patience while they review. -Emily