Yesterday I had USAA move 350.00 out of my checking account to add it to my CD...this morning when I wake up to check my account I realize my credit limit doesn't reflect the additional 350.00 but the money is out of my checking account.
So here I am on travel, no money in my checking account and my credit card is one on the phone can help me because it's out of their hands (usual answer). And the only department that can fix this has two people in'll take 2 days they say. That's nice but WHAT am I supposed to do now?!??
I guess I'll be sleeping in my car tonight.

THANK YOU USAA!! Love you too!!


Dear jf3ndi,

I am so sorry about the trouble this has cause you. If you could please send us an email to including your member number and the details about your situation, we will get someone in touch as soon as possible. Thank you.

Does just adding money to your CD increase the spending limit on your card.  I have never heard of it working that way.  I would think you would need to request and be approved for the increase first.

There is a button that says "increase my credit limit". You click on that and it takes you to the page where you then add money to the CD.