The switch to Schwab was a terrible idea.

Connecting the accounts hasn't moved all the USAA information, i.e. Cost Basis or Gain/Loss.

Besides adding more passwords and Unfriendly website (Schwab) this change is totally unwelcomed.




@nieb, I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. I am forwarding them to the appropriate area for further assistance. Thank you! ~Danielle

The person that did this should be fired!  Who authorized this and why were the members not all owed to vote. Maybe it is for the best. I have had terrible service on my account for years.  Promises never kept. 

Totally agree. This was a bad deal and was mishandled. Unable to view or trade in my account for several days. This makes me review and reconsider all of my USAA accounts.

Agreed, this is totally unwelcomed.  Not to mention, there is no support for doing so to allow the people investing the money help with an easy transition.  For example, I cannot send an email nor chat nor talk to a live person from USAA on this topic.  Then I go to  he transition hub that the automated phone service directs you to.  Thing is, I am a DIY kind of guy and was already at the hub but could not find a user friendly way to figure it out, so I called.  Now back tot he transtition hub.  I do not see a tab where you can easily go to Victory's website.....which you would think should happen to then go in and update your profile and preferences with Victory.  While on the Victory website, I have to log into a new account but they ask for an account number.  Which account number?  I have 6 of them.  ATT I am jumping ship.  Next, start moving the banking over.

Be thankful, my accounts are GONE!!!!  I have now been on hold for almost 1 hour, listening to the Schwab business report over, and over and over.


I'll probably leave USAA too.  But first I need to find my investments....

Ok I give up today.  Maybe a human being can answer the phone tomorrow and find my accounts.  


I have been on hold ONE HOUR!!!!

Yup, Time to circle the wagons.

I just tried to log on and it said the information was unavailable. 

Moved my accounts to Fidelty.  Was a Schwab customer years ago, they stoped allowing me to purchase fund shares because I was stationed in Guam.  Switched to USAA and was happy until they announced they had made a deal with Schwab!  As my loans are paid off I will be leaving USAA.  USAA does not have our best interest in mind; first backing the NFL and now switching to Schwab!  What a shame that a organization that shared our values has come to this!