Getting into this late, probably asked before.   


What happens to the stocks I own that are in the brokerage account? Are they going to disappear and reappear at some web site that that I log into?    I receive dividends from the stock which are generally spent.  Have no plans to buy or sell stock.  How is this change going to affect me? 


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Hello @tzumi, I have forwarded your post and account to this area for assistance. While I can't provide a specific time for being contacted we appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area. ~Sarah 

Just went to etrade and they will give me up to 3000.00 to transfer my stock to their system.  Is Schwab doing anything like this?

Just talked to a rep of Schwab what stated that there will be no incentive paid to USAA members when the account is transfered.  He said that Schwab will match any incentive offered by eTrade but I have to provide documention of the eTrade offer and that Schwab will then look at the offer and decide to match it or not.  To get the incentive one must transfer to Schwab before the USAA acquisition is completed.