Does anyone have any specific information about Schwab fees for handling custodial accounts?  Or a link that I could follow to get accurate information about that?  The USAA site offers no specific information on the subject -- just some generalities.


I moved my IRA account FROM Schwab a long time ago -- can't remember why, but I think it had something to do with their fees.  That could be wrong, but I would like to know more on the subject soon in case I want to move my IRA elsewhere.



@Carpenter, Thank you for reaching out, I am forwarding your post to the appropriate area. Stay safe!  ~Tom

You as well Tom.

Better to move ALL your investments to Vanguard.   We moved over a million dollars spread around seven individual acounts.  Vanguard handled all the legal and document activity well.  Same as with custodial, trust and parental executor accounts.  


Bottom line is we now pay less in fees, and we collectively earned over $4,000 more in one year, compared to if we stayed in USAA.  


By having it all in Vanguard, it is easier to view and easier to deal with activity.