The only good thing is I kept the same advisor.  Scwab has restrict dividend reinvest ment on some of my holdings and today we had to submit forms for Canadian taxes (never had to do that with USAA).  Moved large quanity of liquid cash over that had been in a USAA CD, Schawb charges a fee to buy a CD and the interest rates available are 20% of what USAA is paying today.  Have been with multiple firms in past and several years ago I wanted t move to one house, first went with TIAA which was a disappointment and then to USAA which was a smooth transition , now with Schwab, not sure.


@66Foxtrot, thank you for sharing your concerns. I'm sorry to learn the Schwab transition has not been a positive experience for you. I'm sharing your concerns with the appropriate team for review.


Members can learn more about the Schwab transition at ~DC

My Roth IRA transition has been very smooth with Schwab. Talked with Schwab Rollover adviser just yesterday and the gentleman was very helpful and courteous. So far, I'm impressed with Schwab's service and their intelligent portfolio feature is really intuitive. 


So far, so good.