P.S. When calling in to 888-777-7466, I opted to be called back and did not have to wait on hold.  Yesterday I waited for an hour without even speaking to a human being.  I was called back by Kevin in about 20 minutes this morning.

Did anyone else get a check from NFS Financial with no explanation? Then when I called USAA they told me they had no idea what it was about. Now I am on hold forever. I am so sorry I opened this account!

I think USAA should of let the customers verifiy the information before it was handed off to Schwab. USAA provided Schwab my overseas physical address and not my APO. USAA has never sent anything to my physical address only my APO. So my account has been transferred Schwab International, Schwab USA can't do anything until the International branch hands it back to Schwab USA.

I am unable to transfer money from my Schwab account, since I am over 70.  I had RMD set up with USAA and now not only can I set this up, I cannot transfer the money online to my bank.  This action on the part of Schwab is age discrimination and is illegal.

Hello @iamcurious. I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert for review. -Colleen

Since I     am over 70.5, I cannot set up transfers of MY  MONEY to my bank on line.  

@iamcurious, we are sorry to hear of the difficulty you are experiencing.  I will engage an account specialist to review.