What isn’t being talked about much is how USAA is going to integrate Schwab into its ecosystem, especially considering that you already have Victory Capital here as well. Can someone reach out to me and let me know how that’s going to affect my dashboard? Is it going to be connected to my USAA account as I am now or am I going to click a link and then have to login to Schwab through their website? I feel like the latter is more likely considering your integrated with Victory already.


@jimmyb84,  We know that the dash board is important to you. Members will still have access to accounts anytime from anywhere, just like today with the award-winning customer service expected from USAA. You do not need to take action at this time. Any changes will be communicated to members.  Thank you ~Tom

I know for now, but what about when it’s finalized, are we going to have direct access to our Schwab account without having to login a second time?

@jimmyb84, I am going to forward this post to a subject matter expert to confirm. Thank you ~Tom

Your reply to @jimmyb84 is four weeks old. Did you ever get an answer to his question you can share?

@R_S, I am going to forward you to the correct department. Thank you 

Just some advice to USAA Community administrators: The standard reply "I am going to forward..." may seem an appropriate reply for your front-line responders if they don't have a ready reply or want to confirm details, but it would be much better if they could hold off, get an answer (quickly, in this digital age), and post it as a response to the question that the community can see. If you want to reply directly for privacy or other reasons, that's understandable, of course. You may want to do a review of these boards and see how many threads end with "I am going to forward..." It is quite irritating, and gives the impression of a lack of concern which  may not be the case.

@R_S, I totally understand and see your point. I apologize for any irritation. We definitely are concerned and want to take care of you. I appreciate the feedback and I have submitted it. 

Memo to USAA Community Administrators, from USAA Management Team:


Substitute "I am submitting....." for "I will forward....." in future replies to member questions that you either can't answer or don't feel like finding immediate answers to.




The answer is no answer essentially. Most likely we won’t have direct access via USAA anymore which is the main reason for me remaining with USAA. Having my financial life in one place makes things easy and now that this is being broken up, might be time to look elsewhere.....