Unlike the Victory Capital acquisition of USAA Mutual Funds which I didn't like, I think they got this one right.

Commission free ETFs, lower commission costs, commision free mutual fund transactions, good research tools available.


Hopefully the things I can do with the USAA brokerage account can also be done with the Schwab account. Things like easy transfer of funds to my bank account, set up automatic withdrawls from my IRA, option to have taxes deducted from my IRA withdrawls for both federal and state.


Just some questions need to be answered. 


Will USAA cover the transfer fees for IRAs and Roth IRAs?

What will happen to cost basis information for non IRA accounts?


Good Morning @Member40YrsFromMD  Thank you for your post today. I will forward this message to the appropriate area to address your questions. Have a wonderful week. ~ Lori C