Scheduled transactions

What’s up what the scheduled transactions in the app. It’s missing and when I change the slider to on it still never appears. Please fix it!
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I also wanted to add a link to this FAQ page discussing some of the changes happening:


I hope this helps. Thank you!

So Briana, USAA decides to update budget and spend tools in a vacuum. I say this because many members have created their own custom-named  transactions which you are not porting over.  USAA believes that the "expanded categories" will cover EVERY type of txn your members have.


It's truly sad how short sighted USAA is. As you can see by the members you have already blind sighted by being moved over early to the new design this is going to be another fiasco in the making. 


I am just glad I don't do my banking with you. I feel sorry for all the members you will impact on something so important as tracking their budget/txns.

@wallflower01, we appreciate your engagement in our member community. The feedback you provide is invaluable and taken to heart. Thank you for providing your thoughts on the scheduled transaction categories. I will be sure to get this to the appropriate area. ~ Suzy

@Appfix, I regret to hear  you are having issues with the scheduled transactions. You may wish to uninstall the app and reinstall as this may be able to fix the issue you are experiencing. For assistance with troubleshooting this issue you may also contact our website customer support at 877-632-3002. They are available 7 days a week from 6 am to 12 am CT. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. - Robyn