Bring back scheduled transactions; they dropped off my app and desktop yesterday. Thanks for erasing the simplest and best budget tool I had. So much for one-stop-shop. People have been complaining about this issues for four months on these forums...


@NNumber, thank you for reaching out. The scheduled transactions feature is currently being worked on by our team, and this isn't a permanent change. We're expecting the feature to be back up and running again fully within the next couple of months. I've submitted your feedback to the appropriate team for consideration. Thank you. ~Holland

Sorry to the author, I saw this post after I posted the exact same thing. 


I'm with you on this. 


To USAA, please consider not transitionning accounts to formats that are not fully developed.

You need to get scheduled transactions back ASAP. it's a huge move backwards - you're basically asking members to utilize a paper register or another tool to do something they could easily do within the USAA app previously. "A couple months" is not acceptable - it needs to be reinstated yesterday.