Scheduled Transactions not migrated!!!

I want to speak to directly to the Product Manager/Owner who made the decision to NOT migrate all of our scheduled transactions over to the new UI. They clearly did not take into account the impact this has on their users. This is exactly how we budget and know where we are at and if we will have enough money. This is like Google Maps removing all their road from the app and saying good luck on your trip! I have been huge supporter of USAA for a really long time but this is absolutely unacceptable. I know roll backs to updates almost never happen but this is one where they absolutely need to either migrate the scheduled transactions ASAP or roll back the changes until they figure it out. 

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Thanks for reaching out regarding the new redesign.

I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed and I will forward your feedback regarding the scheduled transactions. 

You should be able to see them on the new tab labeled Scheduled Transactions.

Click "Add a Reminder" option to manually add the scheduled transaction.

For the categories, you'll follow these steps:

  • Go to the Account Summary page.
  • Select I want to ... drop-down menu.
  • Click Set Category Rules.
  • Complete all necessary fields.
  • Click Add This Rule and Close

I hope this helps.


~ Lori C

Lori C,

I was excited to finally see a solution for editing categories, however, when you are on the Account Summary Page in the web portal or on the mobile app, on the account summary page there is no "I want to". I think we are missing a step. Also, when I tried to search for how to edit a category in banking the results I got were "Request a Cash Advance" and "Balance Transfer." So I tried a few more search terms: Category, Edit Category, Edit Budget category, but they all came up with the same results. Then I decided to go to the chat feature and I got "do you mean you want to edit your insurance policy" Looks like your knowledge-base is a fail with this upgrade as well.

We appreciate the feedback. Please let us know if you need additional assistance. - JM

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Sorry, this does not help. I already had all of my scheduled transaction in there and now they are gone so I don't know what is scheduled. I have monthly, quarterly, biannual, and annual transactions that were scheduled and this was how we tracked our budget and knew our future balance. Now I have no idea if I will have enough money to go grocery shopping this weekend or not.


Again, please pass my information on to the Product Manager/Owner (or their boss) who made the call to not do the work on the backend to migrate this over because 'it was too much work' for the development team. I'd love to get an understanding of why they made the decisions to make these changes and what their future vision is for this product so. I can determine if I continue to use USAA or not.

While I am not impacted I feel for everyone who is. I am an IT Project Manager.  I would be fired if I rolled the update out like this.  Clearly no one at USAA knows or understands how important Scheduled txns are and to expect everyone to just "re-add them" is insulting. You port them over.


What should have happened is to have the new beta site up and allow members, to test.  Did anyone who uses Scheduled txns even test this before you rolled it out and broke everything?


At this point USAA won't even admit they handled the rollout poorly. They don't believe they needed to do anything different no matter the impact to their members.