Scheduled Transaction Money Management Tools-Canned Response Unacceptable

Frankly I am very tired of seeing your canned response to this issue:  "The money management tools are currently being updated. You may not currently have all the features, such as the scheduled transactions however, rest assured that the are being worked on. They will be added to the page as soon as they are ready. We do not have a specific date to offer at this time, We appreciate your patience. - Jason"  Seriously??!!!  Do something and at least give us a date we can expect it fixed.  I brought it to your attention the day you went live.  Who goes live with a software update before it is complete?  Shame on you USAA.


@sherriwebs, we appreciate your feedback about our Money Management Tools. I have shared your feedback with the appropriate team for further review. Tricia

Last month USAA proved incapable of processing a check written on my USAA account and paid to the order or another USAA account- the $1,200 simply disappeared. During one three hour phone call we received numerous expressions of appreciation for our patience and apologies for multiple "Can I put you on hold for 2-3 minutes?" These inevitable ended up lasting 10 minutes, and nothing was resolved at that time. It seems the entire customer service strcuture of USAA is now based upon the premise that automated responses, no matter how absurd and non-topical, will deter people from the ultimate need to actually talk to someone, and then the rep seems to be merely reading a script.


The new CEO seems interested in two areas: maximizing profits at the expense of honor, integrity, and member service, and political activism: Black Lives Matter! and No Justice! No Peace!