What are you paying on savings acc

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@munchie2Thank you for your interest in a USAA savings account. We offer two different account types - USAA Savings and USAA Performance First Savings. Some USAA deposit accounts are interest-bearing accounts. Any interest rates provided are Annual Percentage Yields, or APYs. You can review the APYs for each account type here: https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/bank-savings?wa_ref=pub_global_products_bank_savings. It is also important to note that certain savings account withdrawals and debit transactions are limited to six transactions within a monthly statement cycle. -DC

Too little in my estimation, might as well drop performance first savings and up the other. USAA really needs to start making good on its promises to make the banking and insurance more competitive. Especially considering the boon of funds you just came into with the two brokerage deals. Less talking, more doing.