Shredder, I've been with USAA for over 30yrs and have seen this downward trend of interest rates at other financial institutions as well. The problem here is that USAA's downward trend (CDs, checking, savings, investments, etc) has been more significant than what I've seen at other places. Yes, they offer extra services but lets face it--other institutions are (or have been) doing the same. You just need to do some research and you'll find it. Don't expect USAA to say anything else except that they "regularly review our rates to ensure they're competitive and based on current market data." I've transfered all my financial/investments to other institutions, because USAA is simply not as competitive as they want you to think. Am I upset at them? No. Maybe a little disappointed but they probably feel that their products and services are worth the lower rates  on member savings and don't need to look at (or redo) them.  I can tell you one thing though--my other institution easily triples my returns and regularly offers short-term CD with returns that you'll never see at USAA even if you tie up your money for seven years. Do yourself a favor and take the time to do your homework. Good luck.

That is why I move any excess funds to my money martket account Fidelity they are paying 1.3%. I move money to savings then wqrite a check to Fidelity - no cost to transfer.