My wife has U.S. savings bonds she has not cashed from 1995. How can I cash these with USAA?


stacocats - Thanks for your message. The only way to redeem a US Savings bond at USAA is in person via bank teller. Our only bank branch is in San Antonio, Texas. I would urge you to seek a local bank for redemption with this in mind. I hope this information is helpful. - Jason


Thank you, Jason. Do you know what nationwide banks would accept savings bonds?

stacocats - I would try the U.S. Treasury website as the best resource. - Jason

I went to the US Treasury website and they have a website that allows you to mail in your savings bonds once you've registered them. As they mature, you can have them deposit the money directly in an account of your choice. I mailed all mine in a couple years ago and I can now log into their website to track the maturity of my savings bonds without having to look for a financial institution to cash them in. My first set matures next year so all I'll have to do is give them an account for direct deposit.