I would love some literature on how to save, manage, and invest money successfully. Any ideas?


I found Suze Orman's book The Money Class very helpful in formulating a plan. My husband & I both joined our company's 401k plan increasing the amt every yr by at least 1/2 o any raise we got. Also kept savings account for vacations and golf etc oh the pay deductions r pretax. We r looking at retirement now and feel that our savings and pension and social security we'll be Ok
Ps: over our 40 yrs working we always signed up for the company's plan starting with at least 5%

Have you visited the USAA Educational Foundation? There is much information to be found there. https://www.usaaedfoundation.org/ 


I also enjoy money blogs. 


Good luck!

Look into dave ramsey he is awesomr and if I wasnt still recovering from my passed relationship where she got the house which I paid for then I would be looking close to the tens of thousands right now. But yes hes amazing at what he does
There is a great site with a great forum called YNAB. I found USAA from recommendations on the forum.